The Hidden Price Of Making The Wrong Choice

So often we hear of office renters whose expectations have fallen so far short in their tenant experience.


Why is this?

One main reason is that those looking for space shop only for price. This reduces space to a commodity!  None of us can last long in business if we are reduced to a commodity.

Here at The Focal Point Group, we are low-to-mid market in our price points …. but we are NOT the bottom.  And, we won’t have it. Lowest price = poor facilities and/or poor maintenance and/or poor landlord responsiveness.  The REAL PRICE you will pay for getting the lowest cost space will reveal itself later. It ALWAYS does.

And, if you are the lowest cost producer in your market, you won’t be around very long. If your business is not producing enough value for you to get paid, then you are a risk to us!

On the other hand, if you are a growing business providing a stable offering, we may very well be what you are looking for!

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The Hidden Price Of Making The Wrong Choice

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