Ross Rains

Over the last 15 years, Ross has steadily built his reputation as one of London and area’s most respected landlords. With commercial properties in Central & North West London as well as St. Thomas, Ross serves over 120 local small businesses.

Mike Rains

Mike has a 15 year history in both residential and commercial property development.  As Project Manager for The Focal Point Group, Mike frequents both London & St. Thomas overseeing build-outs, doing showings and keeping a good rapport with many of the hard working contractors The Focal Point Group has had the pleasure of working with.

Julie Rains

Julie spent the majority of her first 10 years with the The Focal Point Group working hands on with our properties.  Honing her skills in finishing touches has familiarized her with the bones of the properties the group develops and manages, giving her greater insight when talking with current and prospective tenants. Five years ago[…]

Sandy Rains

Sandy is the natural green-thumb of the family and can be found at any of the properties, rain or shine, managing garden overhauls or accenting entrances with beautiful potted arrangements. A former nurse, Sandy has transferred her care-taking abilities to nurturing our properties, bringing colour and life to all spaces.

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