Does Your New (Prospective) Landlord Understand Your Business?

Did you know that the more you tell your prospective landlord about your business and how it operates, that the better the chance of getting a perfect fit for your needs?

Often, folk shop for office space without really describing their needs and preferences.
The more information you share about how your business works, the flow of staff, production, suppliers, etc. the better a leasing manager can right size you to the kind of space you need.


For example, sometime website developers prefer spaces with fewer windows so they can see colour on their screens better. Or, it may be that a doctor has larger numbers of patients and needs a larger than average waiting room. Or, a software group prefers an open concept space over closed-in offices. The more that is known in advance, the better you can be fitted to the perfect spot!

If your prospective landlord is not asking you questions about your business, RUN AWAY! If all he cares about is renting space, he is not what you want.

As an Executive Coach to multi-million dollar companies, I find that the most important 10 minutes of an office search for a new tenant to any of our Office properties, is the time we spend at the very beginning, before the tour! I call it a “Strategic Office Consultation!” How can I help a new tenant if I am not listening to where they are coming from?!

Happy hunting!


Does Your New (Prospective) Landlord Understand Your Business?

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